1. I noticed some emails in my Sent folder that I didn’t send. Could this mean my Yahoo email was hacked? What should I do immediately?

    • Yes, observing unexpected emails in your Sent folder that you did not send is a classic sign that my Yahoo email was hacked. Immediately change your Yahoo email password to a new, secure one that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Update your security questions to more secure ones that cannot be easily guessed based on your public information. Also, check for any unauthorized settings changes such as mail forwarding or altered reply-to settings. These steps are crucial in securing your account from further unauthorized access and are fundamental in managing a hacked Yahoo account.

  2. After discovering unusual login activities from unfamiliar locations, I believe my Yahoo account was hacked. How can I regain control and recover my hacked Yahoo account?

    • Unusual login activities from unfamiliar locations are a clear indication that my Yahoo account was hacked. To recover your hacked Yahoo account, start by attempting to reset your password through Yahoo’s Account Recovery process. This will involve verifying your identity with any linked recovery options, like secondary emails or phone numbers. If these have been changed, you may need to answer other security questions or seek assistance from Yahoo customer support. Once access is regained, immediately update your security settings and review any other changes made by the hacker.

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