hotmail supportHotmail, now known as, is a popular free email service offered by Microsoft. Launched in 1996, it was one of the first web-based email services and has since evolved to include a variety of features such as a calendar, contacts, and more. Users seeking assistance can contact Hotmail support through their website or by phone, depending on their preferred method of communication.

Through this article, we will provide all the information on How to create account on Hotmail, sign into a Hotmail email, reset the Hotmail password guide, and recover the Hotmail account along with official Hotmail support. To further aid users, we have also covered how to fix Hotmail issues that you may encounter any time such as Hotmail not working and Hotmail down server issues. In this case, you are free to call the number on the screen to speak with an impartial third-party executive if you experience any issues using Hotmail. The on-call executive will listen to your every Hotmail problem and provides you with the best solution.

How to Create Hotmail Account:

Creating a account on Hotmail provides you with many benefits. You can use this Hotmail email account on any platform of Microsoft. In this segment, we will provide steps to create Hotmail account quickly. Follow the given steps for the Hotmail email sign up.

  • Go to your web browser and search for or click on the link
  • You will see the “Create Hotmail account free” tab below the page; click on it
  • Now enter the Hotmail email account address and choose the domain between or, click on the next tab
  • Now you have to create a Hotmail login password; try to make it strong
  • You can easily see your Hotmail password, so confirm it once and click on the next checkbox to use the same Hotmail email account for all Microsoft products and service
  • But if you don’t want all features on the same Hotmail email account, then you can uncheck the box
  • Now setup your username and click on next
  • Next, select your birthdate and country and click on next
  • Click on next, after entering the proper captcha
  • Choose whether to stay sign in or not
  • Now, you are directly entered into your Hotmail inbox
  • You have successfully created Hotmail Email, and you can use it to sign in Hotmail email

hotmail account sign inHotmail Account Sign in Process:

When you complete the process of create new Hotmail account now, you will be curious about the Hotmail account sign in. Follow the steps carefully:-

  • You can manually go to the Hotmail sign in email account login page or click on the link for the sign-in page
  • Next, click on sign in option
  • Enter your Hotmail email account address or phone number and click on next
  • On the next page, enter your Hotmail password and select Sign in

The above steps will help you with your Hotmail account Sign in.

How to Reset Hotmail login password:

Sometimes we need to remember our Hotmail login password. In this section, we will guide you toward the steps to reset your Hotmail password reset steps. Follow the given steps carefully:-

  • Tap on the link
  • Enter your Hotmail email account address of which you forgot your Hotmail password, and click on next
  • Now choose the option like; email or phone number for recovery Hotmail password by radio option
  • Now enter the recovery Hotmail email address or phone number, then click on the Get code tab
  • Now in the next window, enter the code and click on next
  • In the new window, enter the new password and re-enter the new password in order to confirm it
  • Click on the next tab to complete the process to reset your Hotmail login password

How to Recover Hotmail Account:

hotmail account recoverySometimes, we want to recover a Hotmail account which had already been deleted. But we don’t know the proper steps, so we cannot do that. Now in this section, we will discuss the Hotmail account recovery. Follow the given steps mentioned below:-

  • Always remember that deleted Hotmail accounts have a 60-days waiting period
  •; click on this link to redirect to the Hotmail recovery page
  • Now enter the alternate email address or account recovery phone number and click on next
  • You will receive a code, now enter the code on this tab and click on next
  • Now your Hotmail email account username will be showing; if it is correct, then click on the Sign in option
  • Now set the new password for your Hotmail email account

If you have followed the guided steps in sequence, then you can quickly recover your Hotmail Email account

Official Hotmail Support Services:

If you encounter any issues with your Hotmail or account, you can seek assistance from Hotmail support. They can help with various issues, including login problems, password recovery, and email sending and receiving issues. You can contact Hotmail support through their website or by phone, depending on your preferred method of communication. For user references, we have collected some official Hotmail support contacts from various sources through the internet. We request that users verify these contact details from the official Hotmail website for any country or region customer service number

Hotmail customer service number 13 20 58
Contact Hotmail support number 800 642 7676
Official Hotmail contact support 866 234 6020
Official Hotmail customer support number 03448002400
Official Microsoft Hotmail support https://suppo


Hotmail Email Problems:

Hotmail, now known as, is a widely used email service by Microsoft. Despite its popularity, users may occasionally need help with their Hotmail. Some common issues include Hotmail not working, and Hotmail server down issues. We have mentioned these common problems and their Sure shot resolutions in this part of the article. You can also visit our separate blog related to Hotmail not receiving emails in order to resolve the particular Hotmail Problems.

Resolving Hotmail Not Working:-

Resolving Hotmail not working issue is very easy if you follow the below mentioned steps:hotmail problems

  • First, verify that the Hotmail email account address you are using
  • Please confirm that the caps lock is off because the password is case sensitive
  • If you recently change Hotmail password, then try with the old password
  • Check that you are login from an unusual device or place because Microsoft is sensitive in this case
  • If your Hotmail email account had some unusual Hotmail sign in email account login, then your Hotmail email account will be temporarily blocked
  • These steps are also applicable when Hotmail not working on iPhone

Hotmail Server Down Issue:-

Hotmail down issue is very common; follow the given steps.

  • If you get any notification about the Hotmail server down, then you may face Hotmail down the issue
  • They will also provide some links with notifications in which everything is mentioned
  • If you are facing this issue without any information from Hotmail
  • Then check your internet connectivity
  • Examine your browser settings and fix it
  • You can also try re-login
  • The above steps will solve Hotmail server down issues

For users seeking help in changing their Hotmail account password can take help from our dedicated blog on How to Change Hotmail Password.

Hotmail Support by Us:hotmail account

In this article, we have covered how to sign up for an account, sign into Hotmail account, reset & recover password. We have also provided official Hotmail assistance. To provide readers with even more support, we have also covered how to resolve a few Hotmail problems such as why is Hotmail not working, and Hotmail down server issues. Even after reading this article, if users still have any queries left, they can contact the number on the website to connect to an independent third-party service provider. Our on-call executive will listen to your issue and will deliver the best resolution to your queries.