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gmail supportGmail is a free email service launched by Google in 2004. Anybody can use Gmail from any web browser or mobile app. You can also use email the client application to manage your mail settings on Gmail via POP and IMAP protocols. According to a report, in 2019, Gmail had 1.5 billion active users. Initially, when Gmail was launched, it offered its users 1GB of cloud storage space, which was more than any competitor’s webmail. But nowadays, Gmail offers 15GB of cloud storage space and other special features to captivate more users. Gmail servers automatically scan your emails without any filter and separate the mails according to folders such as; spam, starred, draft, etc. Gmail has the most important feature in which any user can receive up to 50 MB and send emails up to 25 MB from individual or Gmail group email. But if you want to share larger files, then you can attach those files from Google Drive to the message. In this guide, you will get information about Gmail like; create Gmail account, account recovery on Gmail, password reset on Gmail, adding contacts to Gmail, change Gmail password, etc., and also get the solution to some Gmail problems such as; how to create a Gmail account, Gmail is not working, Gmail cannot sign in, Gmail not updating, how to reset Gmail password, etc. If you get any issues while using Gmail, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problems with Gmail and provide the best result.

How to create a Gmail account >> How to make an account on Gmail guide

Gmail is the most popular webmail service provider across the world. Everyone wants to use Gmail because it offers various latest features and is also easy to use. Gmail uses the latest security features to keep its user privacy safe and secure. We will discuss how to create a new Gmail account without getting any Gmail issues. Follow the given steps carefully to create a Gmail to create a gmail account

  • Open your browser and search and then click on create account button and upside of the page
  • Otherwise you can click on the link to create Gmail account page Google Account creation page
  • Fill in the credentials name, password, username
  • Sometimes username is not available, so make it as per availability and your ease
  • After entering the password, click on next
  • Enter the phone number for account recovery on Gmail and also alternate Gmail
  • These Gmail recovery support options are optional, but you must enter one of them so that you can make account recovery on Gmail anytime
  • Fill in your birthdate and gender and click on next for further process
  • Now, you have to verify the phone number provided for account recovery on Gmail by one-time password
  • Then accept the term and agreement and click on next
  • Here your Gmail accounts setup process is completed
  • Now you have a username and password for Gmail login

How to change Gmail password >> Gmail password change help

When you regularly change Gmail password, it will ensure that your Gmail account is safe. Gmail password change can be done in some easy steps; you should know these steps for changing my password on Gmail. We will discuss here how to change my Gmail password. Follow the given steps to avoid Gmail issues:-

  • Open your Gmail account on your browser, or you can use this link Google Account
  • Go to the security menu on your Gmail account
  • Select Signing into Google and then click on password from drop-list
  • Here you need to log in again your Gmail account for security purpose
  • Now enter your new password and enter it again to confirm your password
  • In the end, click on the Change Password
  • password reset of gmailFollow the above to change Gmail password

How to reset Gmail password >> Password reset of Gmail guide

Sometimes we may or I may forgot my Gmail password, and then we need a Gmail password reset. We will discuss here password reset of Gmail. Follow the given steps for resetting my password for Gmail.

  • Click on the link for direct reset Gmail account password Gmail password reset steps
  • Enter your Gmail account username or email address
  • Now you have to answer some security questions for the confirmation of your account
  • A new email link will be sent to your mail; check it
  • Click on the that link to change password Gmail
  • Enter a strong password for your Gmail account
  • Follow the above steps to recover password for Gmail account

How to add contacts to Gmail >> Gmail adding contacts help

Sometimes we lose our contacts from our phones, safety vaults, etc., and then we don’t know how to get back all those contacts. Loosing contact is a big issue for every user.  Or when we constantly changes our device or wants to configure contacts on other devices. So, in this case, Gmail provides a service in which you can quickly get back your contacts whenever you want from anywhere in the world on any device by just adding contacts to Gmail. Here we will get to know how to add contacts to Gmail. Follow the given steps carefully to avoid Gmail problems:-

  • Open contact list on your phones, tablets, etc.
  • Now search for the “add contact” option
  • Enter the credentials like; name, number, and email address
  • Add the details like; photos, address, etc., you can easily add all the details
  • Next, select your email address where you want to save the contacts
  • At last, click on the save button
  • Now the above contact will be added to the Gmail contacts list
  • Follow the same for adding contacts to Gmail

After Gmail adding contacts, before moving further, you can manage many things in the Gmail contacts list like; importing contacts for Gmail, editing contacts for Gmail, exporting contacts for Gmail, etc. So here we will discuss every part of the Gmail contacts list.

How to edit contacts on Gmail >> Editing contacts in Gmail help

Editing contacts on Gmail is a straightforward procedure. You can easily change the name or number of a person on Gmail by following the steps below. Follow the steps carefully:-

  • Open your Gmail contacts list or click on the link for editing contacts in Gmail Google Contacts
  • Now click on the contact’s name you want to edit
  • There is an edit option on the top-right of the selection; click on it
  • You can easily edit whatever option you want to change
  • Then click on the save button
  • Now the contact is easily edited and saved on your Gmail contacts list
  • Your problem with how to edit contacts on Gmail is resolved

gmail adding contactsImporting contacts from Gmail >> My contacts in Gmail help

Importing contacts from Google contacts list to a new device is very easy. Follow the given steps:-

  • Open Google Contacts by clicking on the link, or you can open it manually
  • On the menu section, you will see the import menu; click on it
  • Now select the contact you want to import
  • After choosing the file, click on Import
  • The process of importing contacts from Gmail will be done automatically

Exporting contacts from Gmail >> Gmail contacts help

Sharing or exporting contacts from Gmail can easily be done in some simple steps. Here some steps are given, follow them for exporting contacts from Gmail.

  • Follow the same prompt such as open Google contacts manually or click on the link Google Contacts
  • Click on the export menu from the menu bar
  • Choose the contacts which you want to export from the Gmail contact list
  • There are three dots on the top-left, open it click on export
  • Now click on the Google CSV file, then the contact will be exported in the Google CSV file
  • To save your file on your device, click on Export
  • Now you can shared exported contacts with anyone
  • Follow the above steps for exporting contacts from Gmail

How to delete a contact in Gmail >> Gmail contacts help

You can quickly delete shared contact from Gmail when the contacts are not in use anymore. Follow the given steps carefully:-

  • Open the Google contacts by clicking on the link or manually
  • Select the contact you want to delete, and you can select the multiple contact or Gmail group contacts
  • You can even choose the Gmail blocked contacts to delete
  • At the top of the page, you will see three dots open it
  • Tap on the delete sub-menu from the drop-down list
  • Your deleted contacts will move to trash automatically
  • If you want to recover those deleted contacts from the trash in 30 days
  • Or you can select the contacts on the trash folder and click on delete forever
  • Now your problem with how to delete a contacts in Gmail is resolved

Official Gmail Support Email Customer Support >> Official Gmail Customer Support

gmail customer supportGmail was launched in 2004 by Google. But at that time, many free webmail services were in the market, and Gmail wanted to cover the market, so it offered 1 GB of free cloud storage space. This strategy of Gmail worked a lot, and again in 2005 Gmail on its first anniversary Gmail announced 2 GB of free cloud storage. Since its launch, Google has been covered worldwide and has become the most popular webmail service. Gmail has an advanced user interface which makes it easy use to use. This guide has all the information about Gmail like; set up Gmail account, recovery my account Gmail, forgot my Gmail password, google help Gmail recovery, not receiving emails on Gmail, changing my password on Gmail, safe sender list Gmail, Gmail no connection, restore Gmail account, etc. You can also use the given steps to find the solution to different Gmail problems, such as; how to create a new Gmail account, how to recover a deleted Gmail account, how do I find my Gmail account, how to set up a group email in Gmail, how do I get to my Gmail account, etc. If you have any problems with Gmail, you can connect on the number shown on the screen to contact an independent third-party executive. If you want to contact official Gmail customer support, you can click on the Gmail help center. You can use this Gmail support to get help from Google support Gmail.

Gmail Help Center

How to recover a deleted Gmail account >> Account recovery on Gmail help

If you delete Gmail account permanently, then you can easily recover a deleted Gmail account by following some steps. Always remember that recovery my account Gmail works when you have recently deleted your account. These steps are also applied with Gmail cannot sign in problems. Follow the given steps carefully:-

  • Go to the Account recovery page manually or use the link recovering your Gmail account
  • Now answer the security question carefully
  • Use familiar device, web browser, and location
  • Enter the email account connected to your recovering Gmail account
  • If you are using any phone number as account recovery on Gmail, enter it
  • You will get the OTP on that number, verify the OTP
  • Then enter the strong password for your Gmail account
  • Follow the above steps for account recovery on Gmail

How to solve when Gmail app not working >> Gmail app down solution guide

Whenever we are using the Gmail app on android or iPhone. We may face some problems such as; the Gmail app down, Gmail down right now, Gmail app not syncing, Gmail not syncing android, etc. To solve these types of Gmail app not working problems and Gmail servers down problems. Follow the given steps:-gmail app not working

  • The first troubleshooting step is to try to update your Gmail application
  • Then restart your device, close all the other application
  • Please turn on the airplane mode of your device, then turn it off
  • Open your device settings and turn on automatically sync data
  • Log in to your Gmail account in your browser to check the Gmail servers down or not
  • If Gmail is properly working there, then follow the further steps
  • Clear your storage by uninstalling unwanted apps, files, etc.
  • Check your password by signing in to your Gmail account on any browser
  • Clear data storage, cache, and cookies files of your Gmail application
  • If still your Gmail app not working, then reinstall the application
  • Now your problems with the Gmail app not working will be resolved

How to fix when Gmail is not working on iPhone >> Gmail not syncing on iPhone help

Sometimes your Gmail is not working on iPhone, and you are stuck in the middle of something. Then you should follow the given steps to solve the problems like; Gmail not syncing on iPhone, Gmail not updating, Gmail not receiving emails, etc. Follow the given steps carefully:-

  • First, check that you are connected to good internet
  • Now go to the setting of your device, scroll down and open the Gmail application
  • Click on turn on background app refresh
  • Open the Gmail app and click on three horizontal line
  • Scroll down the menu bar and click setting menu
  • Select your account and tap on sync settings, now choose how many days to sync
  • Check your space in overall Google apps like; Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos

    gmail app crashing

  • Check that users are using the Gmail app with a non-Gmail address; if yes, fix it
  • Now your problems Gmail is not working on iPhone will be fixed

How to resolve when Gmail app keeps crashing android >> Gmail app crashing solution

When you start using the Gmail application, you may face Gmail app crashing problems. Sometimes Gmail keeps crashing problem may face during the use of Gmail. Follow the given steps to resolve Gmail app keeps crashing issues:-

  • Open settings in your device and go to Gmail downloaded application
  • Open the app storage and clear cookies & cache files
  • Now restart your device
  • Open the Gmail app and check whether it is working properly or not
  • If still, you are facing the same problems, then disable and enable the application
  • If still, you are getting the Gmail app crashing problems
  • Then sign out of your account and try sign in again
  • Update your application
  • Reboot your phone, then again try to open it
  • Your problems of Gmail keeps crashing will be resolved

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contact gmail supportGmail is one of the first webmail services that started providing 1 GB of free cloud storage space and increased it to 2 GB in just one year. This cloud-free storage webmail strategy makes Gmail the most popular webmail in the world. Today you get 15GB of cloud storage space. You can even send mail to individuals with also Gmail group email. Gmail’s server automatically scans the emails and adjusts them to different folders, including spam and malware. Gmail also supports third-party or email client applications via POP and IMAP protocols. This is a Gmail help guide; you will learn all the information about Gmail, such as; create Gmail account, set up Gmail account, recover password Gmail, google help Gmail recovery, reset Gmail account password, set up group email in Gmail, setting up a group email in Gmail, etc. And also discussed the problems with Gmail, such; how to create Gmail account, how to recover my Gmail account, why is my Gmail not receiving emails, changing my Gmail address, Gmail syncing, how to make a Gmail account, how to access Gmail account, etc. If you get some problems with Gmail, you can contact the number shown on the screen to get support from an independent third-party executive. They will provide the best solution.