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AsusTek Computer Inc. is multinational phone hardware and computer and electronics organization founded in 1989 by Ted Hsu, Wayne Tsiah, M.T. Liao, and T.H. Tung. Its headquartered in Beitou District, Taiwan. It develops and provides laptops, desktops, netbooks, networking equipment, mobile phones, Wifi routers, monitors, motherboards, optical storage, projectors, wearables, multimedia products, workstations, Peripherals, tablet PCs, graphics cards, and servers. AsusTek Computer company is also an actual equipment manufacturer (OEM). To know more about Asus and its products, you should reach out to the Asus customer service phone number. The Asus technical support experts who are always available at the Asus helpline 24*7 hours round the clock will provide you relevant information. They will also give you effective solutions via Asus customer support number if you face any issues while using these Asus products and services. You can also take the aid by chatting with the live representatives via Asus customer service chat. But if you are not satisfied with this chatbot, then calling the Asus customer service number is the best option to obtain suitable solutions. If you need help regarding the Asus motherboard, then you have to dial Asus motherboard support number. You can also support Asus by providing your valuable feedback or positive reviews.asus support number

Asus Router Support >> How to install the Asus WRT merlin router firmware

In order to install the AsusWRT merlin router firmware, you have to perform this procedure thoroughly. After following this process, you can easily install your AsusWRT merlin router firmware. In case of any issue, simply dial Asus number or use Asus support chat.

  1. Sign in to the Asus router admin via
  2. Navigate to Administration > Restore/Save/Upload settings and save your recent router settings to a file by pressing the “Save” option.
  3. Download a new AsusWRT merlin firmware for your Asus router from the official site.
  4. After downloading the firmware, launch the Zip file and extract the .trx file to your computer.
  5. Sign in to your Asus router and locate the Administration > firmware upgrade and press the “Select file” option and then upload it.
  6. In case, your Asus router is not responding accurately, reset the router by clicking the “reset” button and then import your saved settings.
  7. Sometimes, the saved settings are not working in the latest firmware and this situation requires re-configuring your Asus router. For more help, call Asus customer care number or Asus tech support chat.

The installation process for AsusWRT Merlin router firmware is ended now. You should implement these guidelines given above gently so that you don’t stick anywhere. But still, if any kind of problem persists, just give a call on Asus customer service phone number and talk with the Asus router support experts for better guidance. They will diagnose your issue from the root level and deliver you the finest and suitable solutions via the Asus contact number. You can also get assistance using different mediums such as Asus customer service chat or remote access.

You are permitted to dial our support number shown on this webpage. We will transfer your call to the most reliable independent third-party Asus support phone number. The USA users can use Asus USA support number to obtain customized solutions.

asus laptop supportAsus Laptop Support >> How to repair Asus laptop screen

To repair the screen of your Asus laptop, you need to apply some effective actions that are given below. Follow all these points thoroughly and complete this procedure without any hindrance.

  1. Unplug the power cable and turn your Asus laptop off. Turn the unit over after closing the display.
  2. Remove the battery from its port at the computer’s backside.
  3. Remove all screws given on the underside of your PC.
  4. Open the display by turning the unit right side up. Lift the upper cover of Asus and it will expose all the screws on the plastic frame (bezel) that surrounds the window.
  5. Utilize the screwdriver to eliminate all screws.
  6. Distinct the bezel from the Asus laptop screen by prying it off carefully at the corners and side.
  7. Get away from the back-display panel after turning the windows forward. Look at the screen’s backside and check the thick black screen cable.
  8. Eliminate the tape that is covering the entire screen cable and inspect that the Cable is safe in its port. If it’s not, then disconnect it, after that, you require plugging it back in, making sure it is secure. In case, it does not resolve the issue, then check the inverter board given on the screen’s backside. You can see 2 cables linked at the end of the inverter.
  9. Make sure the cables are connected safely into given ports at the inverter’s end side. In case, they are not, then disconnect them and then you require plugging them back in, making sure they are safe. It can resolve the issue with the Asus laptop screen connection. For further help, contact Asus customer service number or Asus customer service chat.

This is how to repair Asus laptop screen suitably. Follow these instructions listed above and complete this task without any hassles. In case, any type of difficulty confronts, just contact the Asus tech support phone number or use Asus tech support chat. The Asus technical support experts sitting at the Asus helpline will respond to your call and help you in fixing the issues via Asus laptop support number. If you are seeking the official and verified Asus tech support number, then go to the main support site. Many people are using the Asus tech support phone number rather than using Asus support chat. Because the Asus support phone number is considered the easiest and quickest way to get proper guidance and solutions.

Asus Support Numbers – Official:

This section is very helpful if you are looking for the official and verified Asus customer support number. We have briefly mentioned here some Asus phone numbers. You can use these Asus contact numbers to connect with the Asus technical support team immediately and get a reliable assistance. These Asus numbers are workable and found as per the sources available on the internet. But you might find some changes in these Asus support phone numbers given below due to some modifications performed by its actual manufacturer. So, it is good if you inspect these Asus tech support numbers on your behalf before using them. Or else, you can utilize our support phone number written on this website. It will redirect you to the most suitable independent third-party Asus customer service number.

Asus Support Number USA 1-888-678-3688
Asus Support Number Canada 1-812-282-2787
Asus Store Support 1-855-755-2787
Asus System Product Support 1-888-616-2787
Asus Commercial Support 1-888-606-2787
Asus Phone Support UK 01442 265548
Asus Support Number India 1800-2090365

Asus Router Setup >> How to reset Asus Wireless router?asus customer service number

Resetting your Asus wireless router can help you to set up and configure your router easily. We have mentioned here a soft reset and hard reset that will assist you properly to fix your issue regarding how to reset Asus wireless router. In case of any queries, just contact Asus router customer service by dialing the Asus customer service number. The technicians sitting at the Asus router setup service will provide you appropriate solutions to your issues.

In order to soft reset your Asus router, follow these points:

  • You can check whether your modem is previously connected with the yellow cable of Asus router.
  • Now, connect the Ethernet wire (blue cable) to your Asus wireless router device.
  • Launch the web browser and enter into the URL box.
  • From there, you have to enter your username and password into the given box.
  • After logging to your Asus wireless router, locate the “Administration” option and choose the option for resetting the Asus wireless router.
  • After resetting your router, you can set up your Asus router like a new router. For additional assistance, contact Asus router setup service by using Asus support chat or Asus support phone number.

Performing a soft reset process can simply reset your Asus wireless router properly. For this, you should follow the given above process very carefully. If you have any queries regarding this topic, then you can clear it by calling Asus tech support phone number or by chatting via Asus live chat support. In order to get both options such as Asus contact number or Asus customer service chat, you need to visit the main support site. But, according to several users, calling the Asus customer care number is the most reliable and easiest way to get an effective solution from certified Asus router support experts.

asus phone numberIn order to hard reset your Asus router, follow these points:

  • Find a pen or tiny paperclip and look at the wireless router’s backside.
  • Power on your Asus wireless router.
  • Click the reset key given at your Asus wireless router’s backside.
  • Keep holding the reset key for some time. Wait till all lights on the router begin blinking, then let the key go.
  • Now, restart your modem and router. To get more help, dial Asus contact number.

This is how to perform a hard-reset Asus router. Execute these points listed above systematically and end this session without any hindrance. In case, the process is difficult and you are unable to understand, then you should contact Asus router customer service. As soon as you give a ring on Asus phone number, the certified and experienced Asus router support experts present there will provide the best solutions. Here, you can find out another medium to connect with the Asus router customer service such as email support, Asus support chat, or remote access. But the Asus router support number is considered the best way to get expert help.

If you couldn’t connect with the main Asus customer service phone number due to any circumstances, then using the support phone number posted on this website is another better option you have. It connects you to a trustworthy independent 3rd-party Asus tech support number.

Support Asus >> How to setup Asus wireless router

In order to setup Asus wireless router, you should go through this section thoroughly. In case of any troubles, directly dial the Asus customer service number. The technical operators sitting at the Asus router customer service will rectify your issues instantly. If you require assistance regarding Asus motherboard, then you have to dial Asus motherboard support number.

  • Connect the router to the power outlet and turn it on.
  • Plug the Asus router to the Modem (DSL/Cable) device utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect your device with Asus router utilizing another Ethernet cable.
  • Open your internet browser and enter the Default gateway. Type the URL into the search box and hit enter.
  • Since your router has been reset, it will not ask for any username and password but just in case it asks, you require a default username and password.
  • Now, the router will detect the internet and type of connection.asus customer care number
  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the Asus router setup process. To get additional assistance, dial Asus phone number or use Asus live chat.

The Asus router setup process is finished. Now, you require performing these steps given above carefully. In case of any issue, contact Asus router customer service by calling the Asus customer care number. To get the verified Asus contact number, you have to go to the official support site. The tech-savvy users can use Asus tech support chat for chatting with the live executives. But if you are not comfortable with Asus live chatbots, then you should only use Asus customer service phone number rather than using Asus support chat. In order to get assistance regarding Asus motherboard, dial Asus motherboard support number.

Asus Laptop Support >> How to fix Asus laptop black screen issue

Several users complain that their Asus Laptop shows a black screen after booting and they can do nothing with it. The reasons for this issue are related to the inner programs or video card. In this guide, we have discussed common and ultimate solutions to fix this issue completely. Follow these points given below thoroughly and in case of any issues, dial Asus laptop support number.

Asus Technical Support | Common methods to solve Asus laptop black screen after startup

  • Eliminate the AC adapter cable and battery from your Asus laptop.
  • Click the power button after some time and after one or two minutes, insert the AC adaptor and battery again.
  • Ensure your laptop is dry and clean. Once your laptop is in a moist environment, it also gets a black screen and not able to begin.
  • Press the power button and F2 button simultaneously and hold it for some time and then release both keys to check if it works or not.
  • Switch off your laptop and eliminate the HDD. Power on your Asus laptop to enter BIOS, after the default settings loading out, insert the HDD, and choose the “save changes and exit” on the BIOS. For additional assistance, dial Asus support number or use Asus tech support chat.

asus router setupThese are some common techniques to resolve this issue properly. You should go through this guide completely and end this task without any hiccups. But if any issues persist, then dial Asus customer care number and talk with the experts sitting at the Asus helpline for better support and guidance. You can simply get this authorized Asus phone number on the main support site. As the Asus helpline is open round the clock, day and night, you can give a call on Asus tech support phone number anytime and get reliable and better solutions. In order to get assistance regarding the Asus motherboard, call Asus motherboard support number. You can also support Asus by giving your valuable reviews.

Asus Helpline | Ultimate resolution fix black screen of death on Asus laptop

If you still get the black screen issue with the cursor on Asus laptop after trying the steps given above, then you may require some expert assistance. With windows boot genius, you can obtain access to the dead Windows system immediately. Perform the points below to check how easy it is:

  • On a workable laptop, you require downloading and installing the program. Insert the USB drive or DVD/CD and then open Windows boot Genius. Press the “Burn” to start boot disk creation.
  • Now, take out the bootable CD and insert into your Asus laptop, switch to the “Windows Rescue”, and select the “crash before you load bar” option. Now, just perform the automatic execution to complete the repairing procedure. For more help, dial Asus number.

This ultimate solution will fix your black screen issue properly. Implement these guidelines carefully and end this session without any hindrance. In case, you encounter any difficulty while using these actions listed above, you can dial Asus tech support phone number. The Asus laptop support experts will resolve your problems as soon as possible and provide the finest solutions via the Asus number.

If you are not able to connect with the official Asus customer service phone number, then using the support number written on this site is also a better idea. This number will forward you to the best independent third-party Asus customer care number.

Asus Driver Support >> How to download and install Asus driverasus support chat

Asus updates their drivers regularly. To obtain the latest Windows 10 driver, you need to visit the official site for finding the driver to your particular device model and windows version. After downloading the latest version of Asus driver, you have to install it. For installing the driver in Windows, you will require using a built-in utility called Device Manager. It permits you to check all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers connected with them. Go through this section properly and install Asus drivers easily into the device. In case of any issue, just contact Asus support drivers service by dialing the Asus driver support number. In order to get assistance regarding Asus motherboard, call directly Asus motherboard support number.

Asus Support Drivers | How to open Device Manager

  • In Windows XP, press Start > Control panel > Maintenance and Performance > System > Hardware tab > Device manager button.
  • In windows vista, Press start > control panel > Maintenance and system > Device Manager
  • In windows 7, press Start > control panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager
  • In windows 8, swipe up from the bottom, or right-press anywhere on the PC and select the “All applications” > swipe or scroll right and select the “Control panel” > Hardware & sound > Device manager.
  • In windows 8.1 and windows 10, right-press the “Start” menu and choose the device manager.

Through this section, you can get the method on how to launch Device manager for installation in different operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Follow these steps properly and open the Device manager to complete the installation process. If you face any kind of troubles while executing these instructions, then you can take the help of Asus support drivers service by dialing the Asus driver support number. You can easily get this Asus tech support number on the official support page where you may find Asus live chat support option to get this live assistance from certified Asus technical support executives. But if you don’t want to use Asus tech support chat, then the Asus customer support number is the best option to get effective and quick solutions for any kind of troubles.

asus customer service phone numberSupport Asus | How to install drivers utilizing device manager

  1. Locate the device and model that is having the problem and double-press on it for opening the properties dialog box.
  2. Choose the “Driver” tab.
  3. Press the “Upgrade driver” button and follow on-screen instructions. For more help regarding this topic, contact Asus driver support experts by using Asus tech support number.

The installation process for the Asus driver is over now. Go through this section carefully so that you don’t face any complexity while using these points listed above. But, if the process is not understandable and you need the best approaches, then Asus customer support number is very useful. Using this Asus number, you can easily connect with the Asus driver support experts sitting at the Asus support drivers service who will offer you suitable and quick solutions. With the help of Asus customer service chat, you can chat with the live representatives to find efficient solutions. But, if you feel uncomfortable with this Asus live chatbot, then calling Asus support phone number is a reliable option. You should support Asus by providing your positive feedback.

If you fail while calling the official Asus phone number, then you can use our support help number displayed on this site. It will redirect you to the independent third-party Asus customer support number. The USA users can use the Asus USA support number in order to get customized solutions.