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verizon supportVerizon is an American telecommunication company whose headquarters are located in Manhattan, New York City. The name Verizon is derived from the Latin word “Veritas,” which means truth and was combined with “horizon”. Verizon was initially known as Bell Atlantic, which was a part of the Bell system. The Bell Telephone company dominated the market for over a hundred years. The Bell system was a combination of telecommunication companies under AT & T. US department of justice ordered AT & T to break up the Bell system into 7 different companies, and each of them used to be known as Baby bells. Bell Atlantic was one of the Baby Bells. In 2000, Bell Atlantic acquired GTE and later changed its name to “Verizon.” Verizon acquired AOL in 2015, and 2 years later, it acquired Yahoo Inc. Oath was a new name for the amalgamation of AOL and Yahoo. In this article, we have shared Verizon support by assisting in setting up Verizon email on iPhone, Verizon not working, reset Verizon email password, Verizon contact email, and more Verizon issues. If you are stuck while reading the guide and are unable to execute the steps, then you can call on the numbers provided here. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider. They will pick up your call and solve your query very patiently.

How to create Verizon account? >> Set up Verizon email help

In order to make use of the Verison email account and start using its services, you need to create Verizon email account. You can follow these easy steps and Set up Verizon e mail account:-

  • Visit your browser and search for create Verizon email accountYou can even tap on this link
  • You will be able to see Verizon email sign in
  • Below the Verizon email sign in option, you could see “Register”
  • Click on the “Register” option
  • Fill in the details asked
  • Verizon uses both domains yahoo and AOL, you can select accordingly
  • verizon helpOnce you will in the details, you have successfully created Verison account

How to proceed with Verizon email login? >> Verizon email sign in help

In this portion of the article, we will be discussing how to proceed with the email login.

Follow the steps to execute the Verizon email login: –

  • Visit the official page of Verizon or tap on the link
  • Search for Verizon email sign in or Sign- in option
  • Enter your username or email address with either domain
  • Fill in the password correctly
  • Tap on continue
  • You have completed the process of the email login

What to do if you forgot Verizon password? >> Verizon issues help

If you forgot Verizon password, then don’t worry as it can be easily recovered, or we should say it can be reset. As you cannot recover your old password, you can reset Verizon password by changing it to a new one.

verizon issuesFollow these steps to reset Verizon password: –

  •  Go to official website of Verizon
  • Or you can tap on
  • Tap on Verizon Sign in
  • Enter your email ID and tap on “forgot password” or forgot Verizon password
  • Put in your phone number and ZIP code
  • Select option for recovery message to reset Verizon email password
  • Enter the pin or code sent to your phone number
  • Enter new password and re-enter it again to confirm

You have successfully reset Verizon email password.

Official Verizon Support Numbers

In this section, we provide you with official Verizon support numbers in case you are searching for how to call Verizon. Although we have provided Verizon email support in this article. You can read the article to find the solution to Verizon issues, or you can call on the official Verizon support. However, if you still need an official Verizon support email, then you can call on the numbers provided in this section. These numbers are searched from the official online sources and are best to our knowledge. But, these can change in the near future due to any discrepancies. Therefore, we advise to verify them before proceeding. This is the solution for how to call Verizon.verizon support email

Verizon support phone number 800.922.0204
Verizon support official customer service number 888.294.6804
Verizon email support number 800.225.5499
Verizon email contact number 800.465.4054
Verizon email customer service number 888.262.1999
Verizon chat customer service

What to do if Verizon email not working? >> Verizon email not working help

If Verizon not working, there can be several reasons for that. Let us tackle them one by one.

  • First and foremost, check for a good internet connection. If you have a weak or no internet connection, then you might face Verizon issues. Therefore, try to fix your internet connection first.
  • Go to browser and clear Cache and Cookie files
  • Clear browser history from the “Settings” and “Privacy and Security” for email not working
  • Update your browser. If your browser is outdated, you can face Verizon problems
  • Disable third-party apps that might interfere
  • There is a possibility that the website server is down. So, wait for some time to be able to use the Verizon email account

Next you can try making manual server settings for that let us move to the next part of the article.

verizon not working

How to make Verizon email server settings? >> Verizon IMAP settings help

You need to make some Verizon email server settings in order to solve Verizon not working issue. Here we have provided a solution for how to make Verizon email server settings on different devices. You can refer to the instructions as per your device.

Verizon email settings for iPhone >> Verizon email settings help

If Verizon email not working on iPhone, then you can try manual Verizon email settings. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make manual Verizon email settings for iPhone. We have provided step by step solution for Verizon net IMAP settings not working-

  • Visit the settings of your iPhone for email settings for iPhone
  • Select the “Mail” option from the settings check Verizon email
  • Choose Verizon email from the Mail option
  • If you can’t find Verizon Mail, then tap on add account
  • After that enter your account credentials, that is, your email ID and passwords
  • Here, you can see the server settings such as “SMTP” and “IMAP”
  • Select, Incoming Mail Server or Verizon IMAP settings
  • Under Incoming Mail Server, write
  • Select 993 as Port and tap on “Save” for email not working
  • Check Verizon email SMTP server or Outgoing server settings. Under hostname, write
  • Under Port, select 465 and SSL under security by tapping on the toggle button
  • Click on “Save” to save the settings
  • enter your email ID, and password if asked
  • You have successfully completed email settings for iPhone

Verizon email settings for iPhone are made.

How to make email settings for windows >> Verizon pop setting

Verizon email servers settings are similar in windows; there is only a slight difference in the interface. So, let’s find out how to make Verizon email servers settings.

  • From the windows option, select “Settings”
  • Now tap on “Email and Accounts”
  • From here, you need to select “Add an account”
  • Now tap on “Advanced set up” for email settings
  • Choose the option “Internet email”
  • Here, you need to enter some details User/Account name, your name or any other
  • Select “IMAP” or “Account type” for the Verizon pop setting under
  • Now enter your account credentials
  • Next select SMTP server settings
  • And enter details
  • Let us proceed to Verizon email servers settings
  • Under IMAP hostname write and 993 under Port, then click on “Save”
  • Under SMTP hostname write and 465 under Port, then click on “Save”
  • For security, select SSL in both the server Verizon email servers settings

Now, Verizon net IMAP settings not working issue will be resolved.verizon email settings

How to make Verizon email servers settings for android devices? >> email settings instructions

Verizon pop setting for android devices is discussed in this part of the article. You can refer to these instructions if Verizon net IMAP settings not working.

Follow these instructions to make the Verizon pop setting-

  • Select he t Mail application on your device
  • Tap on Add new account
  • Enter log-in details that is email ID and password
  • Choose manual setup
  • Select under hostname and 995 under port; this is for Incoming Mail Server settings or Verizon email servers settings (incoming)
  • Choose under Outgoing Mail server settings or Verizon email servers settings (outgoing) and select 465 under Port
  • Make sure to select SSL encryption under both Incoming Mail Server settings and Outgoing Mail server settings
  • For both of the servers, you have to the SSL encryption for extra security
  • Then, at last, click on apply option
  • Now your Verizon email settings for Android are successfully completed

Check Verizon email settings; your problem might be solved

Verizon Support by Us

verizon customer careVerizon was formed by the splitting up of AT & T into the “Bell System” each bell was known as a Baby Bell. Verizon was one of the Baby Bells that grew gradually and made acquisitions. Later it changed its name to Oath after the amalgamation of Yahoo and AOL. In this article, we have discussed the login, Verizon email problems like Verizon network down, Verizon not working, Verizon email support, Verizon net IMAP settings not working, and all other Verizon problems for Verizon help. Therefore, you can refer to the article for all your Verizon issues. If you are unable to execute these steps, then you can contact the number provided here to connect to an independent third-party service provider. The executives will listen to you and solve your Verizon issues and provide complete Verizon help.