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In January 1994, two electrical engineering students from Sanford university, Jerry Yang and David Filo proposed the idea to create a website named “Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web.” Yang and Filo were the young pioneers of their time as they made a web service-providing company in the early internet era in the 1990s. In 1994, it was again titled “Yahoo!”. The domain was official on January 18, 1995. “Yahoo!” is the acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchically Organised Oracle.” Yahoo provides many services like a web portal, search engine, Yahoo news, Yahoo finance, including My Yahoo!, and even Yahoo mail.

People create Yahoo mail because it is the most dependable and widely used email service. Yahoo mail provides its users with a variety of valuable features. It has a user-friendly and convenient interface, making it simple for people to use and manage. One of the first email services, Yahoo Mail, is created and frequently used by users worldwide. It stands apart from the competition due to its disposable email address, highly effective filters, extensive customization options, and fastest emailing services. Customers of the Yahoo mail service can choose from four currently accessible setups. These four plans include the business version for commercial usage and the primary, plus, and ad-free options for personal use. December 2011, Yahoo Mail services, due to its 281 million users, has grown to be the third-largest webmail provider worldwide. Due to its cutting-edge technology and superior functionality, it is the most widely used and dependable postal service. Yahoo Mail features antivirus and anti-spam protection.

Additionally, it looks out for the security and privacy of the customer. Users can get in touch with Yahoo mail support if they need assistance with Yahoo email. The Yahoo email setup service experts will fix all the issues immediately. The Yahoo Mail customer service number is available around-the-clock to assist users. You must go to the official website to find the required number if you don’t know how to contact Yahoo mail support. Your problems will be expertly resolved by the staff members working at the Yahoo email setup service. If a network connection issue prevents you from contacting Yahoo mail support, you can reach us via the number provided on this website.

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How to create Yahoo email account>> Create Yahoo account help

This section will guide you if you are finding a way to create your Yahoo account. The following steps will oblige you to create an email account at Yahoo. If you follow the below steps properly, you will not be required to contact the Yahoo mail contact number or Yahoo mail support for any assistance.

  • Go to your browser and type Yahoo sign up
  • Now click on the “Yahoo sign up” button
  • Here, you have to fill up the basic information to create a Yahoo account like name, age, date of birth, gender, etc
  • After filling in the basic details, press the “Continue” button to proceed with creating a Yahoo account
  • Create your Yahoo account with your active mobile number.
  • Enter your active contact number to confirm your Yahoo account
  • Now, Yahoo will send you a One-Time Password (OTP) on your previously registered number for verification
  • Enter the one-time password to verify
  • Now, your Yahoo email is created

If you follow the above steps accordingly, you can create your Yahoo mail easily.

yahoo signin help

How to sign in to Yahoo mail account >> Yahoo sign in help

After Yahoo mail sign up Login to your account, if you face Yahoo mail sign in problems, you should follow the below steps to log in.

  • Go to the Yahoo website or type “” to login Yahoo mail account
  • Now, if you see the top right corner of the screen, there is a “Sign in” button
  • After pressing for sign in Yahoo mail, a new portal will open on your screen that requires your User Id and Password
  • Enter your User Id and correct Password to Login Yahoo
  • At last, press the “sign in” button for your Yahoo mail login

The above steps will connect you to you Yahoo mail account quickly, and even if in case you still find difficulties in login Yahoo mail account, you can take help from them.

Yahoo Official Contacts

Yahoo official contactsWe have searched for Yahoo official contacts from available online resources which is correct to our knowledge. These numbers can change by the owner, we are not responsible for that. Therefore, we advise you to verify your hand before proceeding further. In case of urgent help, you may contact us on our support number mentioned on the website. It will forward your call to an independent third-party Yahoo tech support help

Yahoo Tech Support
Contact Yahoo Support 800-305-7664

How to change Yahoo Password >> Change Yahoo Password instructions

Yahoo mail provides various facilities like switching among emails, chat, and text-messaging options. It does not matter which email you prefer, but changing your email password frequently is necessary as it will protect you from the risk of getting the email hacked. The following steps will help you reconstruct your Yahoo mail password.

  • Go to your browser and type
  • After visiting the site, select Yahoo! mail to Login Yahoo mail account
  • Fill in the asked details like User Id and correct password
  • Then, after logging in to your Yahoo mail, click on the reset/change password button to change Yahoo password
  • Write your new password in the column
  • Click “Continue” button to change Yahoo password

These easy steps will help you with your Yahoo password and satisfy you with cybersecurity. Kindly note you need to remember your old mail password to change the password. If you fail to remember your password, you need to recover the old password.

How to recover Yahoo email password >> Recover Yahoo Password help

Sometimes, you forget your email password, but there is no need to worry because you can recover Yahoo email password through the following steps.

  • Visit the main Yahoo sign in page
  • Press the “Yahoo Mail” icon, and the login portal will appear
  • Fill in the User Id column, and below the password column, there is a “forgot password” option. Click on the option
  • It will ask you to enter your previously registered mobile number
  • After entering your number, press “continue” to get a verification code
  • Enter the verification code to verifyrecover yahoo password
  • Select the “Create a new password” button to proceed further
  • After that, enter and then re-enter your desired password in the given columns
  • Press the “continue” button to confirm your password

If you follow these steps carefully, you can easily recover your password.

How to fix Yahoo mail login issues? >> Problems with Yahoo mail

If you are combating issues with your Yahoo mail, this section might help you figure it out and tell you the solution.

Disable Antivirus program

This step is only for those using IMAP in a Windows desktop client. Some Antiviruses have the potential to filter out some of the mail that it thinks might contain a virus or has malicious intentions. Here are some steps to disable your antivirus;- press cntrl+shift+Esc> Go to “startups” for antivirus software>right click on antivirus program > disable.

Restart your computer to see if your problem is fixed, and ask your sender to resend the mail.

Get Updated

Update your Yahoo mail app on time to avoid any inconvenience. Knowing Yahoo mail’s new updates and features will benefit you.

Clear cookiesyahoo mail problems

Cookies generally contain information about the website in its Cache, creating problems like long-term loadings. To avoid such a situation, you should clear your cookies.

Try a different browser

Sometimes the server of a particular browser can be down, creating a problem with getting mail. It might solve your issue if you try opening it on a different server.

Check Yahoo mail account storage

Sometimes, your Yahoo mail account gets full, which can be why you do not get your mail. Kindly check your Yahoo mail storage to check if it is not full. Therefore, if it gets full, then delete the Cache, cookies, and your old Yahoo email; those are not important.

Yahoo mail server settings

You can fix Yahoo mail login issues by making Yahoo mail server settings. If you don’t know how to make these settings, don’t worry we have provided all the detailed steps here.

Yahoo SMTP settings >> Yahoo SMTP server

SMTP, which is the acronym for Simple mail transfer protocol, is an outgoing Yahoo mail server. SMTP is an advanced server that gives you access to your mail on multiple devices. It also allows the user to see all the folders on the mail server. Below are some steps to reach the SMTP settings in your ios and android devices.

Yahoo SMTP server settings on iPhone

yahoo smtp settingsHere are the steps to set up Yahoo SMTP server

  • Tap setting on your ios device and go to settings
  • After “Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Select the Mail account to send messages.
  • Select “SMTP” under “Outgoing mail server.” And then, “add server….”
  • Enter all the necessary details:-
    1. Server: set “ON”
    2. SMPT Server:
    3. Host Name: your SMTP server’s name
    4. User Name: your sending email address
    5. Password: the password you choose
    6. Authentication: tap on the button and select “password”; enter your password
    7. Server Port: the default server is 25 for ios. You can also increase it to 587 if you send emails via SSL
  • Tap “Done” and your Yahoo SMTP server is ready to send mails

Yahoo SMTP settings on android

Steps to set up SMTP on your android:-

  • Tap on the “menu” button, and go to the “Settings”
  • Go to accounts and search for the option “add account”
  • Set your outgoing settings:-

SMTP server:

Port: default is 25, but you can also choose 587 if you send out via SSL

SSL: yes

  • Select “Done” to complete the process, and your setup is done.

Yahoo IMAP setting

IMAP is an Internet message access protocol that allows users to group messages into folders, mark messages for follow-up or urgency, and store messages on the server.

Yahoo IMAP setting for iPhone

Giver are the steps to set up the Yahoo IMAP server

  • Tap setting on your ios device and go to settings
  • After “Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Select the Mail account to send messages
  • Select “IMAP” under “Incoming mail server.”  And then, “add server….”
  • Enter all the necessary details:-
    1. Server: set “ON”
    2. IMAP server:
    3. Host Name: your IMAP server’s name
    4. User Name: your sending email address
    5. Password: the password you choose
    6. Authentication: tap on the button and select “password”; enter your password
    7. Server Port: 993
  • Tap “Done” and your Yahoo IMAP server is ready to send mails

Yahoo IMAP setting for android

Steps to set up IMAP on your android:-

  • Tap on the “menu” button, and go to the “Settings”
  • Go to accounts and search for the option “add account”
  • Set your outgoing settings:-
    1. IMAP server:
    2. Port: 993
    3. SSL: yes
    4. Complete your process by pressing “done”

Yahoo Support by Us

yahoo mail helpYahoo mail offers you a clean and user-friendly design that are easy to understand. If in case you do not understand any process, we have provided information about how to create Yahoo email, reset Yahoo password, Yahoo sign in, Yahoo SMTP settings, Yahoo imap setting, etc. Yahoo tech support is always available to provide you with comprehensive solutions. Although we have provided you with enough information, if you still want Yahoo support, you can connect with us, an independent third-party service provider. Our executives will pick up your calls and answer your queries to the fullest.