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AT&T is a multinational company in America that provides telecommunication services, currently in Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the third largest contributor to mobile telephone services in the United States and the largest telecommunications corporation in the world by revenue. With $168.8 billion in revenue as of 2022, AT&T was the thirteenth-largest American firm, according to the Fortune 500 list.

After Alexander Graham Bell pioneered the telephone in 1875, Thomas Watson and Gardiner Greene Hubbard established AT&T as the Bell Telephone Company. Bell Telephone Company retitled its name to American Bell Telephone Company in 1881. It was founded in 1885 and was one of its subsidiaries. As the new parent company, AT&T took over the assets of American Bell Telephone on December 30, 1899. In the U.S., AT&T established a network of local telephone subsidiaries. Throughout the 20th century, AT&T and its affiliates maintained a phone service monopoly established in 1913 by government officials with the Kingsbury Commitment. The Bell System was the name of this monopoly, and AT&T was also known as “Ma Bell.” Back in 1982, U.S. regulators broke up the AT&T monopoly, requiring AT&T to divest its local subsidiaries by grouping them into seven separate companies, which it did. These new companies were called Regional Bell Operating Companies or, more casually, Baby Bells. AT&T continued to provide long-distance services but was increasingly challenged by MCI and Sprint, who provided services overseas already. In this article, we have provided information about att email, att problems, and att help official contact number. We have covered almost all issues for you. The company that was formed due to AT&T Corp.’s dissolution was Southwestern Bell Corporation (SBC). The company soon began a series of acquisitions, including the 1987 acquisition of Metromedia’s mobile business and the early 1990s acquisitions of several cable companies. In the other half of the 1990s, the company sold its cable business to acquire several other telecommunications companies, including two Baby Bells (Pacific Telesis Group and Ameritech Corporation). The business changed its name to SBC Communications Inc. At the beginning of 1997, C. Michael Armstrong was appointed CEO, and later that same year, Armstrong appointed John Zeglis as president. By the time, Zeglis took over as chairman and CEO of AT&T Wireless in 1999, the company was ranked in the top 15 of the Fortune 500. Zeglis left his position as president of AT&T in 2001 and also resigned from his position in AT&T Wireless in 2004.

How to create an at&t email account? >> ATT email create

Below are the steps to create an at&t email account. The given steps are easy and comprehensive to follow, and if you follow the steps correctly, you can create your att email account. If in case, you find any difficulty or confusion, you can contact email att support.

These steps will help you create your at&t email account. At&t email has many benefits for its users, such as organizing your contacts accordingly and helping you stay informed about sports, weather, stocks, news, etc.

  • Visit your browser and type at&t sign up to open the At&t website
  • Select the “Register- AT&T” button that is visible on the screen
  • After selecting the option, ‘sign in portal’ will appear on the screen, and below that, select the option “create one now”
  • Now, you can see several options on the screen; select “AT&T email”
  • Here, it will ask you to fill in the details like Username, First name, Last name, and birth date to verify your age
  • After completing the detailing part, enter your working mobile number and a zip code that will give you a verification code
  • Enter the verification code, and select “Continue”att email account
  • Complete the following information to create your new AT&T User Id and password
  • In the next step, enter your profile information and security questions and answers
  • Follow the prompts for account verification
  • Select “Continue” and, your account has been created

Follow the steps above for att mail login.

How to Log in to at&t >> at&t net mail login

This section of the article will help you login att the email account procedure so if you are looking for a way to at&t email sign in, given are the steps to log into email account

  • Open the browser and type ” net”
  • Select the “Mail” option to att email login
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Select “Sign In”, To stay signed in, select “Keep me signed in”

Follow the steps written above for att mail login and you will get access to your att email.

At&t Tech Support numbers – official

In this part of the article, we share At&t support official numbers with you. We have tried our best to research the number of Att technical support service numbers that are correct to our knowledge. the owner can change the contact numbers, but we are not responsible for that. We advise you to research on your part as well before proceeding any further. In case of any urgency, contact us, an independent third party; our executives will try and provide you with the best solution. You can also contact on the at&t support contact numbers mentioned below.

Att technical support number 800-331-0500
Contact att support number 800-526-2655
At&t support contact number 888-333-6651

att customer support

What is the procedure of at&t password change >> at&t password reset help

Resetting and changing your email password will always protect you from the risk of being hacked. Therefore, changing the password after a certain period of time facilitates your cybersecurity. The following steps will help you change your at&t email password reset.

  • Go to Device “setting” and select “Messaging & email”
  • Choose “Email”
  • Select Email options to view steps to access email account settings
  • Select your AT&T Mail account from the email settings on your device
  • Update your password
  • Save your password change

These steps will help you reset att email password.

How to recover att net email account >> Forgot att password

 The steps are for the user who forgot att password; follow them carefully to avoid confusion.

  • Go to at&
  • Select the option “Forgot password?” below the password
  • Fill the password info in the column
  • Choose security questions that you updated while signing up for the account and follow the prompts
  • Create your new password
  • Click on the “Continue” to verify the new password

If you forgot att password, the above procedure will help you retrieve a new password. Do follow the above steps accordingly, and you will recover your forgot att password in a brief period of time.

How to fix At&t email login issue

Following are some listed issues for AT& T email. We have also provided solution to these issues in the following part.

  • Disable Antivirus program

This step is only for those who use IMAP using people. Some Antiviruses have the capabilities that delete unnecessary mail that it thinks might contain a virus.

Here are some steps to disable theantivirus;- click on cntrl+shift+Esc> visit “startups” for antivirus software> tap on the right click on antivirus program > disable. Restart your computer to check if your problem is resolved

  • Check at&t mail account storage

Sometimes, your at&t mail account memory gets full, which can be the reason for you not getting your mail. Kindly check your at&t mail storage to check if it is not full with extra mail. Therefore, if it gets full, delete the Cache, cookies, and your old at&t mail; those are not in use anymore.

  • Get Updated

     Upgrade your at&t mail app from time to time to avoid any problem related to your mail service. Knowing at&t mail’s new updates and features will help you get access to your mail faster.

  • Clear cookies

Cookies generally have information related to the website in its Cache, creating problems like excessive loadings. To avoid circumstances like this, you should delete your cookies.

Try a different browserSometimes the browser server can be down, which can be a possible reason for emails not being delivered. Switching to another server might help you get your mail.

att issues

How to set up att email server settings >> att server

At&t’s outgoing mail server uses SMTP, which stands for simple mail transfer protocol. SMTP is a sophisticated server that allows you to access your mail on various gadgets. The user can also view every folder on the mail server here. Here are some instructions for accessing the SMTP settings on your Android and iOS devices. Follow the below to set up the att mail server settings

  • At&t server setting for iOS

  1. Here is how to configure the At&t SMTP server.
  2. On your iOS device, click on “settings”
  3. Secondly, click “Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars.”
  4. To send emails, choose the Mail account.
  5. Under “Outgoing mail server,” choose “SMTP.” And after that,     “add server”

Fill out all the required information:-

  •  Server port: turn it on

  1. SMPT att server:
  2. Host Name: The name of your SMTP server
  3. User name: Your sending email address
  4. Password: the one you select
  5. To authenticate, press the button, choose “password,” and then enter your password.
  6. The standard server port for iOS is 25. If you use SSL to send emails, you can raise it to 587.
  7. Your At&t SMTP server is ready to send emails after clicking “Done.”

At&t server setting for Android

Here is the way to configure SMTP on an Android:

1) Tap the menu button, and go to “Settings.”

2) Navigate to accounts and look for the “add account” option.

 3) Configure your outgoing settings:

  • SMTP att server:
  • The default port number is 25, but if you send via SSL, you can also select 587.
  • SSL should always be on “yes”

After selecting “Done,” the installation is finished.

IMAP server setting in iOS

att email setting

IMAP is an Internet message access protocol enabling the users to store messages on the server, organize notes into folders, and mark messages for follow-up or urgency. IMAP only downloads a message if you click on it, and attachments are not downloaded automatically.

Here are the steps to configure the at&t IMAP server:

 1) Go to settings on your iOS device.

2) Following “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars,”

3) Select the Mail account to which you want to send messages.

4) Under “Incoming mail server,” select “IMAP.” Then “add server…”

5) Fill in all of the blanks:

– Set the server to “ON”

  • IMAP att server:-
  • Host Name is the name of your IMAP server.
  • User name is your sending email address
  • Password should be the password you select.
  • Authentication: press the button and choose “password”; enter your password.
  • server port: 993
  • Click “Done,” and your At&t IMAP server will be ready to send emails.

IMAP server settings in Android

Given are the Steps to configure IMAP on your Android:

  1.  Tap the “menu” button, then select “Settings.”
  2.  Navigate to accounts and look for the “add account” option.
  3.  Configure your outgoing settings:
  4.  IMAP att server:
  5.  Server Port should be 993
  6.  SSL should always be turned to “Yes”
  7.  Finish your procedure by pressing the “done” button.

At&t support by us

att email support

At&t mail has a simple, clean design that is easy to get. We have provided information on how to create At&t email, reset At&t password, At&t sign in, At&t SMTP settings, At&t IMAP settings, att mail server settings and other processes if you do not understand any of them. At&t technical support is always available to help you with comprehensive solutions. Even though we tried our best to provide you with sufficient information, if you still require At&t support, you can contact us, an independent third-party service provider. Our support executives will take your calls and thoroughly answer your questions.