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linksys supportLinksys is an American brand of a networking devices. It mainly sold its product to home users and small businesses. Linksys was founded by Janie and Victor Tsao as DEW international in 1988, but it was renamed Linksys after some time. Initially, they started Linksys in their garage and also used Taiwanese technology to get initial success. Their first testing product was a printer sharer in which they connected multiple computers to printers. After this, Linksys expanded into Ethernet hubs, network cards, and cords. In 1994, Linksys made a revenue of $6.5 million annually, only with 55 employees. Linksys got a significant boost in 1995 when Microsoft launched Windows 95 with an in-built networking function. In the late 1990s, Linksys launched its first affordable router as a home networking brand. But in 2003, Linksys was acquired by Cisco. After some experiments and changes, Cisco decided to sell Linksys to Belkin. In 2018, Foxconn, a Taiwanese multinational electronic company, acquired Belkin and its subsidiary. This is a Linksys help article. In this, you will get to know about the information related to Linksys like; Linksys router setup, Linksys extender setup, resetting Linksys router, update Linksys router, etc. and also done Linksys router troubleshooting of some problems such as; How to config Linksys router, how to setup a Linksys router, how to reset Linksys router, etc. If you get some Linksys routers problems while using Linksys router, then you are free to contact the number showing on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problems and provide you with the best solutions.

How to setup a Linksys router >> Linksys router setup help

Whenever we buy any Linksys router, our first task is setting up the router. In this, we will learn how to setup a Linksys router without using any cd. Follow the given steps:-how to setup a linksys router

  • Before set up Linksys router, always remember a few things like keep safe the documents inside the box
  • Sometimes Linksys customer support provides a username and password and saves it
  • Try to place the router in the open area so that it can cover a better network
  • Now, open the Linksys support site, or you can click on the link for Linksys setup pages Linksys Support Site
  • Next, search for your router model number
  • If you don’t know your router’s model number, then turn the device backside, or you can get it from documents inside the box
  • Go to the download and click on the firmware button
  • Now select the correct Linksys router setup version of your device
  • Select the place on your computer where the set up Linksys router file will be saved, and click on the download
  • For better performance, always try to keep the file on the computer’s desktop
  • Double click on the Linksys router setup file to open it
  • Now accept the License term and conditions and click on the next button
  • Your screen has 1 and 2 layouts; read it carefully
  • If you are using the wireless network, then connect the Ethernet cable to the yellow internet port of the router, click on next
  • Now the Linksys router will automatically start configuring your network
  • Remember not to close the window
  • When the process is completed, you will automatically get the username as SSID and password for your network
  • You can change the network username and password; if you want
  • Click on the next button
  • Now your setup will ask for your ISP account name and password; if you haven’t, then call your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Linksys router setup will try to establish the internet connection easily
  • You will see the confirmation window; click on ok

Linksys wireless routers setup >> Linksys smart wi-fi setup

Above Linksys router setup steps will only be used when using the wired router. Now, we will discuss Linksys wireless routers setup. Follow the given steps carefully for Linksys smart wi-fi setup:-linksys smart wifi setup

  • In the wireless router, you already have a username and password
  • Go to your web browser and search
  • If you change the router’s IP address from default, then enter that IP on the address bar of your browser
  • Now enter your login username, and Linksys default password is Admin; then click on OK
  • Choose the wireless menu and then select manual for configuration view
  • Now you have to enter the configuration of your Linksys wi-fi setup manually
  • Select the Network mode as Mixed
  • Enter your SSID or username in the next option
  • Choose Auto(20MHz or 40MHz) as channel width from the drop-down list
  • Now you have to select the channel; always choose 1, 6, and 11 because these are non-overlapping channels
  • Next, you have to choose the broadcast setting for your network and select enabled if you want that your name to be seen publically
  • But if you don’t like to broadcast your network, then choose to disable
  • Click on the save settings
  • Your configuration of Linksys wi-fi setup is completed, but sometimes the configuration steps may vary for another smart router
  • Now your Linksys wireless router setup process is completed

How to login to Linksys router >> Linksys router login help

Here, we will discuss how to access Linksys router. Linksys router login procedure is very easy; we will tell you in this section. So, follow the given steps carefully:-how to login to linksys router

  • First, ensure that your router’s power is on and your device is directly connected to the router
  • If you are using the wireless interface, then you should check the connection just once
  • Open the web browser and search and enter
  • If this IP address is not working, then your router’s IP address must be changed; enter that IP
  • Next, enter your login credentials
  • Here the Linksys default password is Admin; if you changed it, then enter that one instead of Admin
  • Here you can add, remove and change the settings for your router
  • Now, you are completed the Linksys router login procedure

How to configure Linksys routers >> Linksys routers configuration guide

Linksys routers configuration is one of the essential portals when we are using any Linksys router. With the help of Linksys routers configuration, we can easily change router settings, reset Linksys router, etc. Now we will discuss configuring Linksys routers steps:-

  • Before further going on further steps, make sure that your computer is directly connected to the router via Ethernet cable
  • Open the web browser of your device and enter in the search bar
  • Enter the default username, and Linksys default password is Admin
  • Now you are on configure Linksys routers page, and here you can manage your Linksys router
  • Follow the above steps for configuring Linksys routers

Here you have two options; we will discuss both configurations and choose according to your use.

linksys routers configuration

Linksys smart wi-fi setup configuration:-

  • After login, go to the configuration view
  • Click on the wireless menu and then choose wireless settings
  • Now select the manual option by the radio button
  • You will see the setting for your Linksys smart wi-fi setup; enter as given below
  • For network, mode choose mixed from the drop-down list
  • Enter the network name and security mode as WPA2 Personal
  • Next, enter the passphrase (it is a password for other devices that want to connect to your smart wi-fi)
  • Choose the channel width as Auto (20 MHz or 40 MHz), and the channel must be auto
  • Your SSID broadcast should be enabled
  • Click on the save settings
  • Now your Linksys smart wi-fi setup configuration process is completed

For Linksys Wi-fi router setup or Linksys wireless router setup configuration:-

  • Click on wireless menu, then tap on wireless settings
  • Here, choose WPA2/WPA Mixed mode and then enter the passphrase for the security
  • Now you are in the manual configuration, select the settings given below
  • Network mode must be mixed, then enter your SSID
  • Choose channel width Auto (20 MHz to 40 MHz) and channel as Auto (DFS)
  • Your SSID broadcast must be enabled
  • Click on the save settings button
  • Now your Linksys Wi-fi router setup is completed

Official Linksys Customer Support Numbers >> Official Linksys Routers Support Numbers

Linksys is an international brand of the networking device. It was started in 1988 by Janie and Victor Tsao. They used Taiwanese manufacturing devices that helped them in their initial success. In the 1990s, Linksys launched its first affordable multi-port router. This router became the ladder of success for Linksys and became the most popular brand for networking devices in the late 1990s. Linksys networking devices include Gigabit switches, Wi-fi routers, intelligent mesh wi-fi systems, extenders, etc. Linksys launched its first wi-fi router in 2001 for the newer wi-fi generation. This is a Linksys help article. In this, you will get all the information of Linksys such as; Linksys login, Linksys smart wi-fi login, Linksys router update, configuration Linksys router, etc. and also done Linksys router troubleshooting of Linksys router problems like; how to config Linksys router, how to setup Linksys router, how to access Linksys router, etc. If you get any trouble while using the Linksys router, you can call on the number shown on the screen to communicate with an independent third-party executive. But if you want to communicate with official Linksys router support, then you can call on the numbers given below. We find these numbers from available internet resources and best to our knowledge. Verify these official numbers before contacting them because sometimes the officials change these official Linksys customer support numbers.linksys customer support

Linksys customer support number 1 800-546-5797
Linksys support live chat
Linksys router support helpline number (949) 270-8500
Linksys router technical support number Canada (877) 855-6899
Linksys router support number USA 800-326-7114

How to setup Linksys extender >> Linksys wi-fi extender setup

Linksys wi-fi extender is a device used to extend the range of your wi-fi network. We will discuss how to setup Linksys extender here. Follow the given steps for Linksys extender setup:-

  • First of all, connect your computer to Linksys router extender via Ethernet port
  • Now, please turn on your Linksys router extender and make sure that its LEDs are stable
  • Go to the web browser and enter your router’s IP address; the default IP address of Linksys router is
  • Now, if a window appears and asks for username password then enter default username and default Linksys router password is “admin”
  • Click on the wireless menu and next click on Basic wireless settings from sub-menu
  • Choose manual from the radio button and then enter your router’s SSID
  • Choose the same security mode that matches your router configurations and then enter the passphrase
  • Click on the save settings button
  • linksys router extenderNow unplug the power cable of Linksys wi-fi extender and router for 30 seconds.
  • Plug the router first and wait till the LEDs of the router become stable, then plug the Linksys router extender
  • Now your Linksys wi-fi extender should be synchronized with your router
  • Now your Linksys router extender setup is completed

Resetting Linksys extender: –

You already learned the Linksys range wi-fi extender setup, so you should know about resetting Linksys extender process. We will explain it in the below section:-

  • Press and hold the reset button located on top of the range extender for 5 seconds
  • Or you can hold the button till the LED’s of the range extender starts blinking
  • Now it is restored to its factory default settings

How to update Linksys router >> Update Linksys router guide

Linksys router updates are used to fix bugs and enhance the router function. Linksys firmware update keeps your device updated and fixes all you may face while using it. Follow the given steps to update Linksys router:-

  • Before Linksys router firmware update, you should know some precautions to prevent Linksys firmware update failure
  • Use a wired computer so that you can get the stable connectivity
  • You can use any browser; make sure that it is working properly
  • Always verify the firmware and version of the device before downloading
  • Remove all the other external storage devices
  • Make a backup configuration of your router settings
  • Click on the link Linksys support site and enter the model number of your Linksys device
  • Click on the get support button
  • On the next window, click on Downloads/firmware
  • Choose the correct version for your deviceupdate linksys router
  • Click on the download link and save the Linksys firmware update file at a safe location
  • If the file is in .zip, then unzip it and store it safe
  • This is the first part of Linksys router firmware update
  • Now you should follow the further steps for your ease
  • Open the browser and enter, then enter
  • Enter the login credentials
  • Admin is the default Linksys password; if you changed it, use it instead
  • Open the administration menu and choose the firmware option
  • Now click on the browser and select the firmware upgrade file from the location of your device
  • Click on the start upgrade button
  • Wait till the upgrade is completed
  • Now restart your router
  • Linksys firmware update is done automatically

How to reset Linksys router >> Linksys routers reset help

Resetting Linksys router is a process in which your router’s settings revert to factory default. We will discuss how to reset Linksys router in some steps below. So, follow the given steps carefully for Linksys routers reset:-

  • There are two ways for resetting Linksys router
  • First, we will explain the manual reset procedure
  • You will find the rest button just beside of label tag
  • Use paper pin or pen to press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds
  • In some devices, the holding time is approx. 30 seconds
  • You must watch the Power light of the router while it should blink or flash as an indication of a proper reset
  • Unplug the power cable for 30 seconds
  • Plug the power button and wait till the Power light become solid
  • Now the resetting Linksys router is completed by manual procedure
  • Next, we will learn about the software procedure for resetting Linksys router
  • Open your web browser on your PC that is connected to your router
  • Now you have to enter default IP in the address bar and then click on enter
  • Now enter administration login credentials
  • Linksys router default password is admin and no username
  • Open the administration tab from the router’s home page
  • Choose the factory default option
  • Now you have the option of Resetting factory default; click on it
  • Again you have to confirm for resetting Linksys router
  • Now, your Linksys routers reset process is completed by software procedure

Linksys Support by Us

linksys routers supportLinksys was started in a garage by two Taiwanese immigrants to the United States in 1988. Initially, Linksys sold connectors for PCs and printers. But in 1988, they tested the printer shares, which connected multiple PCs to printers. Linksys made its first U.S.-based retail channel with Fry’s Electronics and Best Buy. After this, they launched their first affordable multiport router with the branding of Linksys. In 2003, cisco acquired Linksys, but in 2013 they sold it to Belkin. In 2018 Belkin and its subsidiary were acquired by Foxconn for $886 million. Read the article and you will get the information about Linksys help like; Linksys login, Linksys smart wi-fi login, Linksys router firmware update, configuration Linksys router, etc. and also we have troubleshot some Linksys routers problems such as; how to config Linksys router, how to setup Linksys router, how to login to Linksys router, etc. If you get any issues while using Linksys, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and provide you with the best solution.