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bellsouth email supportBellsouth email is an American telecommunication company that emerged out of AT & T, i.e., when AT & T divided into the Bell system. In 1984, the US department of justice ordered AT & T to split itself into 7 different regional telephone companies. The headquarters of the following are located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was one of the first company to launch its web email services. There are a vast number of Bellsouth subscribers for Bellsouth email. American Telephone & Telegraph Company that is AT & T has a venture with Yahoo to provide email services for some of its subsidiary companies; Bellsouth email is one of them. If you are facing any issues or want help with Bellsouth email login, email not working, or how to reset Bellsouth net password, how to make Bellsouth email settings, etc., you can refer to the article or else you can call on the number provided here. Once you call on the number, you will get in touch with an independent third-party service provider. They will pick up your call and answer your queries patiently.

How to set up Bellsouth net email? >> Bellsouth sign up help

Bellsouth sign up process is quite simple; you can get it done by following these simple steps:-

  • Tap on the link
  • Click on “Sign- up”
  • Select a username with a domain either or
  • Now fill in your name and DOB
  • Write your date of birth under “Verify your age.”
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Choose a password
  • In the next step, answer some security questions
  • Fill in your phone
  • Tap on the “Save” number
  • Enter the Captcha
  • This is how you create an account on Bellsouth webmail

How to set up Bellsouth email on iPhone or any other device, the query is answered.

How to proceed with Bellsouth mail login?

Once you have created Bellsouth webmail account, you can now proceed to the Bellsouth login process. Bellsouth email sign in is a straightforward process.bellsouth login

Follow these steps for Bellsouth email login: –

  • Visit the home page of Bellsouth email or tap on this link
  • You will be redirected to the Bellsouth email login page
  • Now you need to fill in the account credentials for the Bellsouth email login
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Tap on “sign-in” for Bellsouth net email login yahoo

You have completed the Bellsouth login process

How to recover Bellsouth password? >> Bellsouth forgot password help

Don’t worry if you forget your Bellsouth email password, as it can quickly be retrieved by following these steps. We will guide you here on how to reach Bellsouth forgot password page and then the process of recovering the Bellsouth webmail password.

  • Visit the official website of Bellsouth that is, or click on this link “com/myatt
  • You will be directed to Bellsouth forgot password page
  • Now tap on “Forgot password” under the Bellsouth email sign in option
  • Next, fill in the details asked
  • Enter your user ID
  • Follow the prompts like security question
  • Once you answer the security question, you will be provided a change password option
  • Now, fill in the new password and tap on “Save.”

Bellsouth forgot password help is provided. This is how you recover and reset Bellsouth net password.

Official Bellsouth Numbers

In this part of the article, we will provide you with official email support numbers. Although the information provided here is enough, if you still need official Bellsouth support, you can get it here. We have searched these numbers from available internet sources, and they are correct to our knowledge. However, these numbers can change by the owner due to any discrepancies. We are not responsible for the same. We advise you to verify before proceeding.bellsouth customer service

Bellsouth customer service number (888) 333 6651 toll-free number

How to fix email not working? >> Bellsouth email not working help

There can be several reasons for Bellsouth email not working. In this part, we will try to tackle these issues. Let us understand them one by one.

Change your Bellsouth password:-

Your email, not working problem can be solved just by changing your password. You need to change your password by visiting the website for yahoo login issues. Proactively changing your password is a good idea to ensure your account is protected. We have shown that above in this write-up.

Add Bellsouth to the firewall:-

If your Bellsouth mail is not working, it can be due to a firewall. This issue can be fixed by adding Bellsouth email to the firewall. If this doesn’t work, then you can try disabling the firewall.

Bellsouth server issue:-

If the Bellsouth server is down, you can’t do much about it. Wait for the website server to come back. We have mentioned Bellsouth official support numbers here as well. You can connect with them regarding the issue.

Update your browser:-

An outdated browser can be a reason for Bellsouth email not working. You can try updating your browser. For that, Go to browser>settings> update. This may solve Bellsouth net email login email not working

Bellsouth server settings: – email not working issue can be resolved just by making Bellsouth email server settings. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about the same, as we have provided proper instructions for the server settings on different devices. Continue trading for Bellsouth email settings.

How to make Bellsouth email server settings? >> Bellsouth net IMAP settings help

If you are having trouble with Bellsouth login and are thus facing Bellsouth net email login problems, make sure your account is appropriately configured. For that, you need to make Bellsouth net IMAP settings. These are the incoming and outgoing server settings. We are providing you with a helpful guide for the same. You just need to follow the steps provided here.

Here is a guide for configuring the Bellsouth email account for different devices.

Bellsouth email server settings for Windows: –

  • Visit Mail on your desktop
  • Choose outlook
  • Now tap on files
  • Tap on account> Add Account
  • Fill in your account credentials- Name, password, user ID, etc
  • Tap on Next
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select server settings- Tap on POP/IMAP
  • Select 995 for Port and“” in Incoming Mail Server
  • Under security, always choose SSL encryption
  • Again for Outgoing Server settings, select “” or “”
  • Port-995 and choose SSL encryption as settings
  • Click on “Save”
  • This is how you configure your Bellsouth IMAP settings on windows

Bellsouth net iPhone email settings: –

  • Go to settings and select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.”
  • Choose “Mail”
  • Account > Add Account
  • Enter your Bellsouth email ID
  • Next, you need to enter your password
  • Now, you need to configure Bellsouth POP/IMAP and SMTP settings

Incoming Mail Server setting-bellsouth email login

  • Under Incoming Mail Server settings, you need to select “”/ “” under port number as 993 and Security as SSL encryption
  • Here, if you choose POP for incoming settings, then enter port no. as 995 and security as SSL in server enter-” or “”

Outgoing Mail Server Settings-

  • Write “”/ “” under Outgoing Mail Server settings
  • For port, choose 995, and for security, select “SSL” encryption
  • Tap on “Save”

Bellsouth net iPhone email settings are made. This will solve your Bellsouth mail problems.

Bellsouth email settings for Android: –

  • Visit the Bellsouth email account on your Android device
  • Click on the menu, then “Add account.”
  • Tap on “Configure settings.”
  • Fill in the Bellsouth email address
  • Now begin entering the server settings for the Bellsouth email
  • Enter under if you choose IMAP
  • Port- 995, select SSL as security
  • Settings for SMTP are the same; just replace port as 495
  • Tap on “Save” in order to save the settings

How to setup Bellsouth net email on android issue is resolved.

Bellsouth Support from Us

bellsouthIn this article, we have shared instructions on the following: –

  • How to setup Bellsouth net email
  • How to proceed with Bellsouth mail login
  • How to recover Bellsouth password
  • How to fix email not working issue
  • How to make Bellsouth email server settings and more

Therefore if you are searching for any of these issues, you can refer to the article, or else if you are having trouble executing the steps, you can even get assistance from an independent third-party service provider by calling the number provided here. The executives of the independent third party will pick up your call to answer all your queries.