aol mail supportAOL is an oldest American online service provider that was founded in 1983 by Steve Case, Marc Seriff, Jim Kimsey and William Von Meister. AOL Mail means American Online Mail, was initialized in 1993, AOL joined hands with Delphi to provide email services. PlayNet was the first online service of AOL with the Q-link software, that online from 1985. This decision of AOL was the reason of its rapid growth. Soon in 1997, it became the world’s largest online service provider. Here we have provided you help regarding creating an AOL account, how to login to AOL account, AOL account recovery, AOL IMAP not working, forgot my AOL password etc. Therefore, you can refer to the article to find the solution for these issues. If you are still stuck somewhere then you can call on the number provided here. When you call on the number you will be connected an independent third party service provider. The executives will listen to you and will provide you a reliable solution patiently.

How to proceed with AOL email sign up? Creating an AOL account help

Creating an AOL account is very straightforward process just follow these steps for AOL email sign up-

  • Visit official site of AOL email
  • Tap on join option for AOL email sign up
  • Now, click on “Create account”
  • Enter your first and last name to begin AOL email setup
  • Choose an email ID and password for creating an AOL email account
  • Next enter the country code and fill in the mobile number
  • Provide a few more information like gender and DOB or date of birth
  • Now you will have to verify your phone number for that you need to tap on “Text me a verification code”
  • Verify the code by entering it the required field
  • Once you have verified the code you have done AOL email sign up

This is how you can do AOL email setup for creating an AOL email login

How do I log into my AOL email account? >> AOL mail login help

Once you have successfully created account at AOL, you can now proceed with AOL email sign up process.  Don’t worry if you are wondering, how do I log into my AOL email account. AOL account can be achieved by following these steps-

  • Go to the official website of AOL
  • Click on login or Join option on your computer screen in order to login to AOL account
  • Now fill in your account details like username or email ID and password
  • While entering the password make sure that the Caps Lock is switched off
  • Tap on “Continue”

Your have successfully completed AOL email account login as login to AOL mail process is explained to you in easy steps.

What to do if you forgot AOL password? >> AOL recover password help

It is possible that we forget our password, and want to recover it but don’t know how to proceed with it. So don’t worry here we have solution for you.

  • Visit
  • Tap on login option
  • Now click on “forgot password” beneath the login box
  • Enter the details asked for example your name and email ID
  • Provide your phone number that is linked with your account to receive the code for AOL password recovery
  • Fill in the code received
  • Now choose a new password and a strong one
  • Re-enter the password and tap on “Continue”

You have successfully completed AOL password recoverychange aol password

How to change AOL password? >> Change AOL password help

AOL mail password resetting is a healthy habit so make sure you keep changing your password to keep yourself protected from hackers. We are here providing you help regarding how to change AOL password help. Therefore, you can follow these steps to change AOL password-

  • Visit the official website of AOL
  • Login from by entering your account credentials
  • Click on AOL email settings on AOL toolbar option and tap on password option
  • Next under “Password” option click on “Change” option
  • Now, first you need to enter current password in the field
  • Then, enter new password and enter it again
  • Click on “Change password”
  • Now, login to AOL email account with your new password

You have successfully completed AOL reset password process

AOL Official Support Numbers

In this section of the article, we provide you AOL support numbers in case you are searching for them. We have provided AOL mail help on various topics such as creating an AOL account, how to login to AOL account, what to do if you forgot AOL password, how to make AOL IMAP settings, how to change AOL password etc. Hence you can refer to the article in order to find solution for all AOL issues. If you are still confused somewhere then you can call on the numbers provided on your screen to connect yourself to an independent third party service provider executive to solve all your AOL mail issues. However, if you want AOL official support numbers then you can have a look at the number provided in this section. Here we would like to make a disclaimer, we have provided these numbers from available online sources and they are true to our knowledge, if these numbers have changed due to any discrepancies then, we are not responsible for the mail help

AOL customer service number 1-800-827-6364
AOL support number for Spanish 1-866-885-5117
AOL support number for deaf users 1-800-759-3323
AOL live support customer service number 1-866-265-8990
AOL live customer support
AOL live chat service

How to make AOL mail server settings? >> AOL IMAP settings help

If you are facing AOL mail login problems, in that case you can try changing AOL mail server settings. Follow these steps for AOL server settings-

IMAP setting for AOL

  • Go to settings of AOL mail and open the open IMAP settings for AOLaol server settings
  • Open the AOL app in your device
  • Next ta on AOL mail settings
  • Under AOL mail settings select Incoming Mail Server set tings
  • Here under Incoming Mail Server select “” and port as 993
  • Select SSL under security
  • Tap on “continue”

IMAP settings for AOL are made

Now, let us move to SMTP settings that is Outgoing Server settings `

SMTP settings for AOL

If SMTP settings are made it can solve the AOL issues. Follow these steps for AOL server settings

  • Again, in the app go to server settings
  • Choose under server settings and select 465 in the port option
  • Enable SSL encryption for security
  • This is how you make manual SMTP AOL server settings

AOL email not working on iPhone >> AOL problems help

There can be several reasons for AOL email not working on iPhone or any other device. Let us understand them one by one.

  • Poor internet connection– Check for your internet connection and cables. Check all the cable connections, if any cable is not connected properly, connect it. Switch the router off for a minute then turn it on. After none of these is causing issue there might be issue from your internet service provider, talk to them or wait for the issue to get resolved, and to get your internet connection problems
  • Browser may be outdated– If your browser is not up to date you might face AOL problems . If you are using Chrome browser, go to your browser and tap on settings> About Chrome, if you have up to date browser it will show you a message saying – “Chrome is up to date” otherwise, update will automatically start.
  • Uninstall and install the application– If the app does not work you can install and uninstall the AOL application then install it again. Now, try login to AOL account, your AOL mail login problems will be solved now.
  • AOL server is down– If the AOL server down issue occurs AOL mail won’t load on iPhone or any other device in that case you need to wait for the server issue to get resolved
  • AOLIMAP not working– Make AOL IMAP settings, in order to resolve AOL mail login problems. This can be done very easily with AOL mail settings. You can refer to the steps mentioned above.

How can I recover my AOL account? >> AOL account recovery help

How can we recover old AOL account? Or how do I access my AOL account which has been deactivated?

 AOL account deactivated help is provided to you in the following steps: –

  • Go to AOL email settings iPhone or any other device
  • Select sign in helper
  • Enter your alternate email ID or your recovery phone number
  • Tap on “Continue”
  • Next click on “Yes” to receive verification code on your number or alternate email ID
  • Fill in your verification address and tap on “Continue”
  • You will receive your username on email ID or phone number

This is how to recover old AOL account

AOL Support from Us

aol customer serviceAOL Mail became the largest mail service provider in 1997. It had around 9 million subscribers at that time. However, it was initially criticized for only working on IP or Internet Explorer but later it was launched with a Java script version with Netscape Navigator. AOL email is still getting used by many consumers all over the world. In this article, you can find solution for all your AOL problems like creating an AOL account, recover AOL passwords, AOL mail login problems, AOL IMAP not working, AOL mail login problems or maybe AOL not working on iPhone. If you are unable to execute any of these issues then you can call on the numbers provided on this website. Independent third party executives will pick up the call to provide you solutions regarding all AOL issues.