Internet Issues with Mac Computer

We are here to present you some tips on how to solve the issues related to the internet on your Mac computer. There are many common problems related to the Mac which a user faces while using the internet on the Mac computer. We will present you some steps to fix the internet issues related to the Mac computer. Network problems can be a pain for you when you are doing some important work, and you face some internet issue on your Mac computer. But you should be thankful to Apple that the internet problems on the Mac computer are very rare. But if any issue is occurring due to the internet connection on your Mac computer, then you can solve the issue by yourself just by following some simple steps.

Why am I facing problem in connecting the computer to the internet?

Most of the connections work on your Mac is done when your Mac is connected to a modem or router, which connects to the internet. So you can face problem anytime with your Mac computer and the router or the internet and the router. You can check the lights present on the router and then figure out the problem to check what is going wrong with the router. You can also use Network diagnostic that may also help to pinpoint the problem. If you don’t know how to use Network Diagnostic, then we will provide you the complete process of how to use the Network Diagnostic process. The steps are as follows.

  • Open system preferences
  • Go to the Network option
  • Now click on the Assist me option
  • Then start your diagnostics process

If your Mac has the feature to talk to the routers, then it will appear in the Apple routers, in Safari if you type the IP address in the address bar to open the setup screen. Follow the process carefully, and you will be able to pinpoint the problem easily. Once you can find the problem, then you can easily get the solution of the problem also.

Internet issue due to the Wi-Fi connectivity problem on Mac Computer

It may be possible that the internet issue is not the fault of your Mac computer. It is due to some problem with the Router or Wi-Fi connectivity. You have to search the problem first and then try to get the solution to the problem quickly. If you think that the internet issue is due to the Wi-Fi connection, then you have to follow some steps and try to resolve the issue. We are providing you some quick steps by which you can resolve the issue related to the Wi-Fi connectivity. The steps are as follows.

  • Open your Mac computer and go to the Wi-Fi settings
  • Check the connection of the Wi-Fi to the network which is connected to your Mac computer by Wi-Fi
  • If it is connected to your Mac computer and still the internet is creating issue, then disconnect the Network
  • Now Forget the device from the list of the connected device
  • Restart your Mac computer and plug out and plug in the router
  • Now search the network again in the Wi-Fi section
  • Once you find the Network, connect it to the Mac computer by entering the password of the Network
  • Once the connection is established open the Safari browser on your Mac computer
  • Now search a web page by entering the address in the address box

If your internet is working fine, then your issue was related to the Wi-Fi connectivity, and you have now resolved the issue. If you follow the process step by step, then you will be able to solve the internet issue easily if it is happening because of the Wi-Fi connectivity. If the issue is still occurring, then it may not be related to the Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be occurring because of the Router problem or maybe there is a problem in the Network source.

Internet issue due to the Router problem on Mac Computer

If you want to check whether the problem is related to the Router, then you can check it by yourself just by following some steps. We will provide you the steps related to the Router which can help you to figure out whether the problem is due to the router or not. You can follow the steps provided by us to check whether the router is creating the issues or not. The steps are as follows.

  • Open your Mac computer and go to the network connection
  • Check the network if it is connected to your Mac computer or not
  • If it is connected, then check whether the internet is working or not
  • If the internet is not working, then disconnect the Network from your Mac computer
  • Check the lights on the Router
  • If all the lights are same and nothing seems to change, then your Router is working fine
  • If some lights on the router is missing, then there is some issue with the Router
  • Plug out the Router for some minutes and then Plug in the Router again
  • Now again connect the Network to the computer
  • Check the internet connection by opening the safari on your Mac computer
  • Open a web page to check the internet
  • If the web page opens completely, then your internet is now working fine

Once your web page opens, then your internet connection is now working fine. You don’t have to check something else for the internet issue. If your internet is still not working fine, then the internet issue is not related to your Router. It may be because of some other aspect. If the issue was related to the router, then it may be sorted out with the help of the above-given process.

The internet issue due to PRAM on Mac Computer

The other cause of the various technical issues of the Mac computer is the Mac’s Parameter RAM commonly known as PRAM memory. Sometimes PRAM occasionally causes a technical issue, and it can also affect your internet connection. If the internet issue could not be solved with the help of above processes, then you can try to solve the using by resetting the PRAM of Mac computer. We will provide you the procedure to solve the issue if it is related to the PRAM.

  • Turn off your Mac computer
  • Now you have to locate the Command, then Option, after that P and R keys
  • You have to use all these in a moment once you reach the Step 4
  • Now start your Mac computer
  • Press and hold the Command, Option, P and R keys before the grey screen appears in front of you
  • You have to hold the keys until your Mac starts and you hear the sound of Startup for the second time
  • Now you can release the keys

The PRAM of your Mac will now reset to the default values. You can try to connect to the internet by Wi-Fi once your Mac is fully rebooted.

The internet issue due to SMC of the Mac Computer

If you have tried all the above steps and still facing the same problem, then you may try resetting the SMC chip which is known as System Management Controller, and it may resolve the fans, videos, lights, and power related issues. You can reset the SMC when you have tried all the above process, and none of them work to resolve your issue. There are no negative consequences of resetting SMC so you can try to reset it. Maybe you get the solution to the issues just by resetting the SMC. We will provide you the steps which you can use on your Mac computer to reset the SMC. The steps are as follows.

  • Turn off your computer
  • Plug in the power adapter of your Mac computer
  • Tap the Shift, Control and Option keys and the power button at the same time
  • Now you have to release all the keys and the power button simultaneously
  • Press the power button to turn on your Mac

You can follow the above process to reset the SMC on your Mac computer. Once you reset the SMC, then you can check the internet issue is still present or not. If the issue is resolved, then it was related to the SMC, and you are the lucky one that you get the solution with the help of this process. You can check the issue by opening a web page in the web browser of your Mac computer. If the web page opens without any problem, then the issue is resolved. If the web page is not opening, then the issue is still present, and it is not related to the SMC. You have to try something else to resolve the issue.

Last Attention

The above process can help you to resolve the internet issue which users commonly face on their Mac computer. If you are also facing problem regarding the internet on your Mac computer, then you can use the steps provided by us to detect the issue and to solve the issue by yourself. If you found the steps helpful, then don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback. Your feedbacks are really important to us, and it will motivate us to write something new which can help the users in the technical issues related to Mac computer. We are looking forward to your feedback. You can also contact the support service to get the complete solution of the issues regarding the Mac computers.

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