IPad issues: What users complain about most

IPad is the most sold brand of tablet in the industry across the globe. It is still the most valuable & leading brand in the entire world. Apple Inc. has sold over a 100 million of iPad worldwide as well. IPad doesn’t need an introduction since everyone around the corner couldn’t love it more. However, even the most appreciated and discussed thing has some flaws too since nature cannot allow bearing the burden of letting anyone become 100% perfect & pure but itself. Some usual problems are being explained that people face while operating their iPad in this article. We are outlining some iPad’s problems and solutions along with it so that users don’t have to look for further delay. Whether it is the frozen display or it is the phone starting problem you face; you get an instant help regarding issues with the support of this article. But, let me tell you something first! If you are stuck at work or study while operating your iPad then the “a must to do thing” is to restart your iPad. Half of the problems you face due to background running processes or programs and by restarting the iPad you close all the processes causing the problem to your phone. Furtherly, you get your iPad to operate after restarting because there were no backgrounds programs run anymore. The second thing is to boot the iPad which remakes it like a new one. Well, not from the looks but the inner side of the tablet, like software as well as programs mechanisms & all. There is nothing apart from these first & last methods that you need to try when you face any issues on your iPad. Restarting & booting the device is applicable in all the scenarios unless you resolve the glitch by applying the first process only. Other than that, there are some other solutions to some of the problems that can be fixed differently. Nevertheless, we are proving the methods to get rid of the problems related to iPad one by one. So, you can read the article to get the guidance & to resolve the issues of your iPad. Please read the terms and conditions before using the content or information from this article.

What to do when “iPad is frozen”

The possible scenario is to wake up the device by power button aka sleep or wake button. If nothing happens and you are still sitting with your frozen iPad then try to restore the device. Once you are done with the restarting & restoring, you can use your iPad flawlessly. However, the same case is explained in steps which are following:


  • Press & hold the sleep or wake button unless you see the popup slide to power off
  • Press & hold the very same button to turn on the iPad
  • Once you see the logo of Apple, you would know it is going perfectly
  • Press & hold the sleep button together with home button for 10 sec. To reset the device
  • The apple logo will appear again automatically
  • Try to restore the device if the resetting & restarting iPad has failed
  • To restore your iPad go to iTunes from your computer
  • Choose iPad & then summary tab & then hit the restore iPad button
  • Tap “restore backup” on the summary tab
  • Congo! You’ve successfully done the job

There are three things to do which are phone restarting, resetting, and restoring. Afterwards, you can easily access your iPad in most of the cases & it’s guaranteed.

“My iPad is not turning on” anymore!

The problem is a nightmare to all the iPad users when it declines to turn on at all. But you don’t have to imagine anything dreadful though since it might be easy to revive. For further details, you can see the steps written below:


  • Reset your iPad
  • Tap & hold down wake/sleep knob together with home button for 10 secs
  • If not then check the battery if it is empty or not
  • Power up the iPad & connect the adapter to wall outlet & the device
  • Wait for an hour then try to reset the iPad again

In most of the cases, you get rid of the problems by resetting the iPad or powering it up. Thus, give a try to the above-described steps if you are encountering the same problem.

Are you kidding, “iTunes doesn’t recognize my iPad.”

Users may have reported the complaints as iTunes doesn’t address the iPad anymore when they’ve tried to boot the device using computers. But don’t you worry! Some steps are delivered which will help you to recover the facilities on your iPad.


  • Check the battery meter if it is charging or not when you plug iPad into your PC
  • Make sure that you have updated iTunes latest version of your iPad
  • If not then check for updates
  • Nothing is fixed then restart both systems
  • Still not fixed then uninstall iTunes & reinstall it

This way you get to use the iTunes when you connect your iPad to a PC. Thus, give a try to the instructions described above if you have the same concern regarding iPad.

What to do? “My iPad is not charging”

It’s quite embarrassing when you plug your iPad into the power adapter, but it does not charge. You can check the adapter cable as it might be broken, by plugging your iPad into the computer port. If it is ok and the adapter is damaged, then you can charge the iPad with the help of USB cable. Though it will charge your device slower than the adapter, it will be charged eventually.


  • Check for damage to cable or adapter
  • Try to charge another compatible device with adapter & cable
  • You will know if it is damaged or not
  • Change the USB cable if it is damaged after plugging it into PC & checking it
  • Change the USB cable

This way you can always overcome the situation concerning “my iPad is not charging.” Hence, feel free to get help from the above-explained instructions.

This is a mess, “my iPad can’t connect to Wi-Fi”

We are aware of the issue when you can’t connect to Wi-Fi with your iPad & that results in turning your mood upside down. It gets ugly as you try to connect to Wi-Fi but failed. But, you can relax now since we can help you regarding the problem. For the brief explanation, you can see the steps below.


  • Go to settings
  • Tap to Wi-Fi
  • Make sure that it is on
  • If still nothing then try to reset the network settings
  • Go to general settings
  • Tap reset & click reset network settings
  • Check for software update

The above instructions will let you connect to the Wi-Fi with your iPad. Hence, you can get the help if you have the same problem.

“Wi-Fi sync does not work” on my iPad

This problem can be resolved by rebooting the device. We know that it is vital to work Wi-Fi sync on the iPad. That’s why we are offering a solution to you regarding it which is explained below.


  • Go to settings on your iPad
  • Go to Wi-Fi and toggle off & on again
  • Follow the succeeding stanza steps
  • If not fixed then check the connection on your PC & reboot
  • If not repaired then try to reset the iPad
  • Restore the iPad
  • Hopefully, it will fix the iPad Wi-Fi sync

The instructions elaborated above will help you regarding Wi-Fi sync issue. Thus, you are always welcome to get the help from the steps mentioned above.

My iPad is running in the Reboot loop!

The reason for rebooting loop that is occurring with your iPad is the lack of charging. To resolve the issue, you need to charge your iPad to the complete level and then boot it in the normal mode. For details you can check out the steps which are following:


  • Power your iPad
  • Connect it to power adapter
  • Press & hold the home and power button together for a few seconds
  • It might take 30 minutes to an hour to react
  • Once you release the buttons iPad will restart automatically

The process will charge your phone slowly and prevent reboot loop happening on your iPad. Furtherly, you can use your iPad correctly & just like before. Hence, you are welcome to get help from the instructions mentioned above.

Big thanks to you, who have been reading the articles regarding their iPad issues. We are always happy to help you regarding iPad issues. Hence, feel free to offer any piece of advice you would like to, and stay updated with our next article regarding iPad problems & solution. You can count on us, always!

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